What does a Miniature Schnauzer look like?

So you’re looking around at different breeds of dog, and you’ve heard that miniature schnauzers are great dogs.

You’ve heard of miniature schnauzers, but you can’t put a picture to the name, and you want to know what a miniature schnauzer looks like, and the different variations they come in.

Let’s take a look at how they look and how they can vary.


Miniature schnauzers are the smallest of the three schnauzers and being bred down from the other two groups, look the same as the standard schnauzer in every way possible, except their size.

It makes them look like a younger sibling when compared to the standard schnauzer.

Miniature schnauzers belong to the terrier group of dogs and look like many other small dogs in the terrier group, growing in height to between 11-14 inches.

Due to their small size, they look like the perfect family dog, comfortable in the house and with small children.

Some have even described them as looking like toy dogs, due to their short legs and how lightweight they are.


The different colors of a miniature schnauzer are what change the look of them the most.

There are four recognized colors of the miniature schnauzer: black, white, black and silver, and pepper and salt.

There are also unrecognized colors such as liver, which is a brownish color, and wheaten, named after the color of wheat, which is beige or yellow, or a mix of both.

All colors of miniature schnauzers may change slightly due to grooming.

Grooming them close to their skin will reveal their true color from the roots.

This is because they have two coats and the inner coat may differ in color slightly, to the outside coat.

Miniature schnauzers color may also see some greying as they age, meanwhile other colors may fade as the grey comes through.

Facial features

Miniature schnauzers are well known for having a lot of facial hair: bushy eyebrows, long mustache, and beards.

Their long facial hair will make them look much older than their age, mainly because it’s not too common to see a dog with a human-like beard and mustache, and you may associate long facial hair with old age.

It gives them the look of being wise, gentlemanly and quite serious at times; because the long hair will cover their smiles.

However, they will look scruffy and unclean if their facial hair is allowed to grow out too long.

Much like humans, when miniature schnauzers have their facial hair groomed to much shorter lengths, they will look much more well kept and clean; they will also look much younger.

Their facial hair length and style can vary, so as an owner, you can decide the look you want to give your miniature schnauzer.

You Decide

Overall, miniature schnauzers look like spitting images of the standard schnauzer but look different due to their size.

Their looks can vary significantly due to their range of coat colors, facial hair length, and styling.

Miniature schnauzers have their unique looks, but can be made to look a certain way depending on their owner’s preference.

Please comment below and be sure to use the Youtube video provided, so you can see for yourself how miniature schnauzers can vary in looks.

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