Best Harness for Dachshunds

Best Harness for Dachshunds

Although a collar is a necessity for any dog, there will undoubtedly be times when you need something a little stronger. With their innate hunter personalities, pulling and lunging are common behaviours of dachshunds.

Dachshund’s unusual shape can make finding the right harness trickier than with other breeds. The short legs, long backs and large chests mean that some just won’t fit.

Choosing a harness might seem like an impossible feat, but we can help you narrow down your options. Keep reading for a shortlist of our favourite harnesses for dachshunds, and why it is important to use the right one.

Our favourite Dachshund Harnesses:

  1. Voyager Step-In Air Pet Harness, Mesh
  2. Rabbitgoo Adjustable Harness
  3. Sporn Non-Pulling Pet Harness with Mesh vest
  4. Eagloo No Pull Walking Pet Harness
  5. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

Benefits of using a harness

For small breeds, and especially for long-backed dachshunds, a harness can be the difference between a happy walk or an accidental injury.

When a dachshund pulls on the lead while wearing a collar, their windpipe is under constant pressure. Using a harness can give you extra control over them and spread the pressure across a larger area of their back.

If your dachshund knows how to slip their collar, a harness can provide you with the peace of mind that they will not be able to wriggle out.

Harnesses are not just for puppies. The American Kennel Club advise that they can be beneficial to dogs of all ages, from puppies in training to older dogs with mobility issues.

What makes a good harness?

A good harness spreads pressure along a dog’s back while giving you extra control, but there are also other things you should consider.

Most importantly, a good harness should be comfortable, to avoid health and behavioural problems. A poorly fitting harness can cause a rash and shoulder problems. Fitting a harness correctly allows maximum ventilation to prevent skin irritation and will not distract your dachshund in training.

A harness that is easy to get off and on will save you time and keep your dachshund happy. Step-in harnesses are easy to put on and will not strain your dachshund’s neck.

Finally, a good harness should be fitted well. This means buying the right size and adjusting it to fit your dachshund perfectly.

Before you buy a harness, measure your dachshund. This video shows exactly how to measure a dachshund. Once you know the measurements, you can make sure a harness will fit by checking the manufacturers website.

Once on, you should adjust the harness so that you can fit two fingers between the straps and your dachshund.

Changes in behaviour, movement or body might indicate that your dachshund is uncomfortable in their harness, but always consult your vet or trainer if you are unsure.

Choosing the right harness for your dachshund

There are 3 main types of dog harness – ones with chest attachments, ones with back attachments and ones that go over the head (head-halters).

For small dogs like dachshund’s it might be better to use a harness with a back attachment as it is more comfortable and covers a larger surface area. Chest attachments can be useful to stop excessive pulling but are less comfortable to wear.

Given the stubborn personality common in dachshunds, head-halter harnesses might take longer to get used to. These are put on over the dog’s face, so are likely to be met with more resistance than harnesses that can be stepped into. The use of head-halters is controversial among experts.

Once you have decided which type of harness suits your dachshund, you need to consider the different materials. Dog harnesses can be made of nylon, mesh, fabric or leather.

Nylon is robust and inexpensive. It also very easy to clean, so this might be a good option if your dachshund loves getting muddy!

Leather is expensive but water resistant and very durable. It is also a comfortable choice if you choose a harness of high-quality leather.

Fabric harnesses look great but are not so good for walking, these might be better used for only special occasions.

Mesh harnesses are less durable than nylon, but were designed with small dogs in mind. They are comfortable and allow the air to flow to the skin. If your dachshund has sensitive skin, this may be the best material to choose.

Our favourite harnesses for dachshunds

Voyager Step-In Air Pet Harness, Mesh

This step-in harness is quick and easy to put on and comes in a wide range of sizes, the smallest of which can fit even cats. This means you should be able to find one small enough for even the most miniature of dachshunds.

The harness is made of comfortable mesh which allows breeze to ventilate dachshund’s sensitive skin and protect them from chafing or rashes. The material is less durable than nylon but is still easy to clean.

Although the Voyager harness does not have a chest attachment, the small size of a dachshund means that the back attachment might be better suited anyway. It does, however, mean that a very strong puller might not suit this harness.

This harness is made extra safe by the 2 fasteners, a hook and loop and a clip, that make it tough to wriggle out of.

Voyager make this harness in a huge range of colours, all with reflective bands so your dachshund can be comfortable, safe and stylish all at once!


  • Step-in
  • Very small sizes
  • Double fastener
  • Range of colours
  • Reflective stripe


  • Back attachment only
  • Less durable than nylon

Rabbitgoo Adjustable Harness

Rabbitgoo have combined chest and back attachments in a combo harness so that you can use either as needed. You can begin with the back attachment and easily change to the chest attachment if your dachshund starts pulling.

This harness goes on over the dog’s head which is less easy to use than a step in harness, but this disadvantage might be compensated for by the easy to attach clips that let you click it on and go.

The material of the Rabbitgoo adjustable harness is nylon which is easy to clean and quite durable. This is paired with comfortable padding and mesh to ensure comfort and ventilation on your dachshund’s skin.

Their range of sizes and adjustability means that it can fit dogs of many sizes, including miniature and standard dachshunds.


  • Back and chest attachments
  • Easy-use clips
  • Nylon and mesh
  • Adjustable


  • Goes on overhead

Sporn Non-Pulling Pet Harness with Mesh vest

This step-in harness is made of nylon, with mesh covering the dog’s chest. This means it is highly durable whilst still allowing for ventilation to the skin in this area. The chest pad is flexible to provide your dachshund with optimum comfort.

Sporn have made this harness with a light, flexible material which means it will not restrict your dachshund.

The back attachment allows for greater control and a distributed pressure but might not be as effective for heavy pullers.


  • Very comfortable
  • Nylon and mesh
  • Step in
  • Durable


  • Back attachment only

Eagloo No Pull Walking Pet Harness

A super-reflective material means that this harness might suit those dachshunds who go for night-time walks. The range of bright colour choices can help make your dachshund easier to see when light levels are low.

The mix of sturdy nylon with chest and back attachments and breathable mesh provides a balance of comfort, control and ease that might keep both you and a pulling dachshund happy.

Eagloo’s no pull harness is adjustable at 4 points so can be fitted precisely, and the non-slip material means that it will stay in place.

This harness goes over the head so might take more getting used to for a nervous dog.


  • Reflective material
  • Mix of nylon and mesh
  • Back and chest attachments
  • Easily adjustable
  • Non-slip material


  • Goes on overhead

PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

Our final favourite is this no pull harness from PoyPet. This harness clips around the neck and chest so you will not have to pull it over your dachshund’s head. This is useful because it does not need adjusting before every walk, so this might suit a busy lifestyle.

Another harness with both back and chest attachments, this once is also padded for extra comfort.

There is a large reflective area in a range of colour choices, which makes for very safe walk in the dark.


  • Back and chest attachments
  • Large reflective area
  • Only needs adjusting once


  • Still more difficult to get on than step in harnesses

The winning harness for dachshunds

Harnesses are preferable to collars on some occasions, and choosing a comfortable, easy to use harness will allow you to control your dachshund without causing them pain or distress.

It is, however, important to note that a harness is not enough on its own to stop pulling. If your dachshund pulls excessively, consider using training techniques in conjunction with harness use.

Our overall favourite is the Voyager Step-In Harness. it is easy to get on, lightweight, comfortable and comes in a range of sizes to suit all dachshunds. It also has the back attachment which suits small dogs and comes in a range of colours with reflective bands, helping to keep your dachshund safe at night.

Whatever harness you buy, always make you buy the right size for your dachshund’s measurements and adjust it so that it fits perfectly.

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