The Best Dog Food for Akitas

As a lucky owner of an Akita, you’ll already be aware of the immense rewards that come with welcoming a furry member into your family.

However, there are a number of responsibilities, as well as a few menial tasks, that also come with the territory.

Providing a well-balanced diet for your best friend is a must and needs some serious consideration, particularly in the case of Akitas.

Our Picks for Best Dog Foods for Akita’s

Specific to Large Breeds

As a dog owner, it is important to understand that not all dog foods are suited to all dogs. Akitas are considered a large breed, and you must,  therefore, be looking for a dog food that caters specifically to this category.

One reason for this is that Akitas are prone to a hereditary condition known as hip dysplasia.

Because of this, you need to make sure the dog food you choose is rich in the right nutrients, and not full of empty calories that can exacerbate an underlying condition, or increase your dog’s risk of developing joint problems. 

Age Appropriate

Another thing to consider when choosing a food for your Akita is his developmental stage. Akita puppies have different nutritional needs to adults, whose needs vary from their senior counterparts.

Again, make sure you look for a large breed dog food that takes into consideration the Akita’s propensity for hip dysplasia.

Akita puppies need a food that will inhibit excessive growth, while foods catering to seniors, who will ultimately have less energy, should contain fewer calories, without compromising their nutritional value.


There is a lot of confusion surrounding what ingredients are appropriate for a dog’s dietary needs with numerous opinions on the issue.

One thing is for sure, if an ingredient isn’t nutritionally beneficial, it shouldn’t be in your pet’s food. Even leading brands include “fillers” – cheap ingredients that will leave your pooch feeling satisfied, but which contain little or no nutritional value.

It’s important that you learn to read labels and pay special attention to the first five ingredients listed as they are what the food is mostly made up of.

Nutrition is particularly important for your Akita considering the breed has an increased chance of developing bloat, an intestinal disorder that involves the twisting of the stomach.

As such, it is probably best to err on the side of caution and presume your pet has a sensitive stomach.

Therefore, pet foods with quality ingredients are a must. A good place to start is to look for foods that are labelled “grain-free”.

These will automatically be free of corn and soy but are also more likely to be marketed to pet owners who are savvy when it comes to choosing the right food for their furry friend and will, therefore, consist of quality ingredients.

Serving Suggestions

As your Akita may turn into a bit of a “greedy guts” at mealtime, it’s probably best that you serve him two separate meals a day to avoid any intestinal issues down the road.

As long as you choose a food with quality ingredients, either dry or wet dog food is fine, but you may have to consider the costs involved in feeding your playful pup who will eventually turn into a gentle giant.

Ultimately, dry food is cheaper, but most dogs enjoy a bit of variety – can you blame them?

If cost is an issue, why not use dry food as the staple of your Akita’s diet and replace one or two meals a week with a wet food.

That way you can change it up a little without breaking the budget.

The serving size of each meal will depend on your Akita’s size and age.

Puppies will require between 150 and 300g daily, while an adult will need between 500 and 800g.

Make sure you consult your vet as each Akita will have their individual needs.

While it may seem that there is an endless supply of dog foods to choose from for your Akita, if you focus on those made with quality, grain-free ingredients and which are large-breed specific, you’ll find that you can drastically narrow down the list.

Best Food for Akita Puppies

Akita puppies have different nutritional requirements to adult Akitas.

It’s always wise to choose an age appropriate Dog Food.

Orijen Puppy Large

This grain-free dog food is designed specifically for large breed puppies, so you can rest easy knowing you’re pup is getting the ideal nutrition for his bones. 

It is packed full of fresh, nutritious ingredients with a focus on a meat-based diet, just as nature intended, meaning no empty, useless calories that can lead to unhealthy growth. 

Quality is paramount, and Orijen Puppy Large comprises fresh meat, fruit and vegetables sourced from neighbouring farms, free-run chicken and turkey, as well as cage-free eggs, perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs. 

While it may be considered a little pricey by some, this is a premium product and the quality ingredients used more than justify the cost. 


  • Grain-free
  • Designed for large-breed puppies
  • Focus on meat-based diet
  • Fresh, ethically sourced ingredients


  • A little expensive

Best Food for Akita Seniors

Again, just like you’d want the best for your Akita pup, your old fell deserves an age appropriate food too.

Canidae Pure Senior Recipe Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Premium Dry Dog Food 

This dog food has been formulated with senior dogs in mind, so it’s suitable for your senior Akita, who will by now be burning fewer calories and thus need an adjustment in his diet. 

The grain-free formula ensures that your Akita’s sensitive stomach isn’t agitated, and the added probiotics further work to aid in digestion.

This dog food is made using only a number of simple, key ingredients, free of any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, ensuring that your senior won’t be consuming any unnecessary, empty calories, which could be dangerous to his joints.

One possible issue, however, is that two of the ingredients listed are chicken and turkey meal, which are not of the same quality as chicken and turkey meat, as meal typically refers to a combination of meat, skin and possibly bone. 

Furthermore, the dog food is not large-breed specific.


  • Specific to senior dogs
  • Grain-free
  • Added probiotics to aid in digestion
  • Limited, simple ingredients


  • Contains chicken and turkey meal
  • Not specific to large-breed dogs

Best Dry Dog Foods for Akitas

If you’re looking to save money, or perhaps your Dog has a dietary requirement that means they need to avoid wet food, there are good dry food options.

WholeHearted Grain Free Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

This is a high-quality dog food specifically designed for large breeds making it ideal for your Akita.

Both the grain-free formula and added canine probiotics work to safeguard your Akita’s digestive health, which is particularly important in his adult years.

This food is also enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin aimed at promoting healthy joints, a must for dogs prone to joint problems.

The first ingredient on the list is real animal protein, providing healthy calories to your pooch. And with a choice between chicken and pea, or beef and pea, there is scope for variety for your Akita. Considering that your dog will spend a good number of years as an adult, it’s good for him to have options!

One drawback is the inclusion of chicken meal in the ingredients, which some buyers won’t appreciate.


  • Tailor-made for large breeds
  • Grain-free
  • Added probiotics for a healthy gut 
  • Added glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints
  • Real animal protein is the primary ingredient
  • Choice of flavours


  • Contains chicken meal

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

With its commitment to maintaining a dog’s healthy weight specified in the title, this dog food is an ideal choice for your adult Akita. Weight management should be a primary concern for any Akita owner as large-breed dogs carrying extra weight are prime candidates for developing joint disorders. 

Packed with high-quality ingredients, free of artificial flavours and preservatives, this dog food ensures that your dog is getting all the essential proteins, minus any empty calories – which necessary for an Akita’s diet. 

This grain-free dog food also helps to limit the risk of gut complications which can arise from improper nutrition. The added lifesource bits contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for optimal health in the immune system and gut. 

While no chicken by-product meal is added, it should be noted that chicken meal is listed as an ingredient, which may be considered a negative by some.

Furthermore, this dog food does not cater to large breeds specifically.


  • Contains healthy ingredients aimed at weight management
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Lifesource bits with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals


  • Contains chicken meal
  • Is not large-breed specific

Best Wet Dog Food for Akitas

The food that Dogs normally prefer the most, this can often be the most expensive.

Tiki Dog Wildz Wet Food

This quality dog food is packed full of nutrition. Consisting of over 90% animal protein, your dog will be getting only nutrient-rich calories, aiding in his optimal health. What’s more, all protein is New Zealand sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef and lamb, wild-caught, free-range venison, or cage-free duck.

This dog food is rich in added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Coupled with its grain-free recipe, this makes for an ideal meal for your sensitive Akita. 

The line comes in four flavours – beef, duck, lamb, or venison – so your pooch will surely find one he likes. 

On the downside, this dog food is neither large-breed, nor age-specific, and some may find it a tad expensive, however, if it is used as an occasional alternative, this shouldn’t pose a problem.


  • Made with more than 90% animal protein
  • Made with ethically-sourced meat from New Zealand
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Grain-free
  • Four flavours to choose from


  • Not large-breed or age-specific
  • A little expensive

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Wet Dog Food

This grain-free dog food doesn’t contain any of the wheat fillers commonly found in other wet foods, so it is a suitable option for your Akita.

Enhanced with vitamins and minerals, but free of artificial colours and preservatives, this is a good choice for those concerned with their Akita’s digestion.

With the first ingredients listed being chicken, chicken broth and chicken liver, this dog food promises high-quality protein which is imperative to weight management and joint health in Akitas. 

While not tailored to large-breed dogs, this dog food offers a healthy alternative to dry foods and can be considered a suitable complement. 


  • Grain-free
  • Enhanced with vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • High-quality main ingredients


  • Not specific to large breeds

Summary and our top choice Akita Dog Food

When it comes to choosing a dog food for your Akita, you can never be too cautious.

With disorders such as bloat and hip dysplasia posing a real risk, it is vital that you find a food that will help prevent any health issues from developing down the road.

Make sure you consider foods that are tailor-made for large breeds, are aimed at the particular developmental stage of your dog, and that contain quality ingredients without any harmful fillers.

Personally, we can’t go past Orijen Puppy Large.

While a little expensive, starting your Akita off on a meat-based diet that is designed for his specific large-breed needs, and is rich in fresh, ethically-sourced ingredients, is certainly worth the investment. 

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