Best Bed for Dachshunds

Do you want the sweetest dreams for your little sausage?

We all know that dogs love to sleep. In fact, an adult dog can sleep up to 14 hours a day!

As sleep is such a large part of your dachshund’s routine, a nice comfortable bed to call their own is imperative. However, not all beds are made equal, so we are here to help you choose which bed is the best for your dachshund.

Our top 5 beds for Dachshunds

  1. BarksBar Gray Orthopaedic Dog Bed
  2. HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Dog Bed
  3. Best Pet Supplies Soft Tent Bed
  4. AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed
  5. Best Friends by Sheri

Do they need they really need their own bed?

Whether dogs should sleep with their pet parents has long been debated by experts. Studies show that allowing your dog to sleep in your bed every night provides comfort and security, but can also cause health problems, decreased sleep quality and bad behaviour.

Stephanie Gibeault, MSc, CPDT suggests that if you want your dachshund to sleep with you, the benefits outweigh the costs. If, however, you do not want them in your bed (for whatever reason!) that is completely fine too.

Whether or not you allow your dachshund to sleep with you, they should still have their own bed. Being den animals, it is important for them to have somewhere private that they can have to themselves whenever they want.

But I can just choose any bed, right?


Some people think they can just choose the comfiest looking bed on the internet but end up being disappointed. Dog beds that look great might be uncomfortable, low quality or a nightmare to clean. It can also end up costing a lot of money if you have to continuously replace your dog’s bed.

The American Kennel Club advises that a good bed can improve a dog’s sleep quality and support their joints. They highlight the importance of a comfortable bed to allow a dog to relax completely.

It is also important to remember that dachshunds have some additional needs that differ from other breeds.

Due to their delicate backs, it is not advised to let dachshunds jump up onto furniture. This includes their bed, which should be as low to the floor as possible. If it is not possible to have a bed that is on the floor, a ramp can provide your dachshund with a comfortable way of climbing onto a higher one.

Dachshunds also love to burrow, because of their past lives as hunting dogs! This means that their bed should allow them to nestle down under a blanket or cover.

Unlike other breeds, dachshunds do not like to sleep outside. Their bed should be inside with you so that they can be a part of the family.

What different types are there?

Dogs beds vary from simple cushioned beds, which tend to be the most affordable, to orthopaedic beds, which tend to be the most expensive. To help you decide which is best for your dachshund, we have outlined the characteristics of each.

Cushion beds

These are quite comfortable and affordable. They might suit a young dachshund in perfect health, or if pricing is your main concern. A cushion bed is less supportive than others, as the inside materials are lower quality, so might not suit a senior dachshund or one with joint problems.

Donut beds

These have raised edges that double up as a headrest. These might suit a dachshund who likes to sleep curled up or with its head higher than its body. These beds can also be square, in which case they are called ‘bolstered’.

Orthopaedic beds

These are specially designed to fully support a dog’s bones and joints. These might suit older dachshunds or those recovering from an injury such as IVDD. They can be more expensive than other beds so might not suit you if price is your main concern.

Heated beds

These might be good for dachshunds in cold environments. They need to be connected to a power source, so make sure there is one nearby wherever you are planning to put one.

Cot beds

These are waterproof, raised beds for outside dogs. These might not suit dachshunds who are inside dogs and should not climb high.


These can be used for training and sleeping, as they can be locked and made comfortable. These might be good for puppies who are yet to be housebroken but make sure there is a comfy mat and plenty of blankets.

Bed Materials

As well as choosing a type of bed, you should consider the material it is made from. Bed covers made from fleece are more comfortable but less durable than materials such as a sturdy canvas.

Some beds also have additional features such as non-slip pads on the bottom, covers to burrow under, memory foam mattresses and self-heating or cooling materials. All these usually come at an additional expense.

So, which ones are the best?

With the huge range of beds out there, we understand that it is difficult to choose! So, we have rounded up our favourites below to help you decide which bed is best for your dachshund.

BarksBar Gray Orthopaedic Dog Bed

This orthopaedic bed might suit an older dachshund or one who needs proper support for their joints. The non-slip bottom will also help weaker dogs to get into their bed by holding it in place so they don’t have to chase it around the room!

The raised edges act as a headrest or comfortable surface to lean against and the whole bed is encased in a soft cover for warmth and comes in a small size to suit dachshunds. Whether your dachshund likes to curl or stretch, there will be space for them to do so.

The polyester cover is removable, which makes it very easy to wash in the machine (on a gentle cycle).

This bed will also suit any interior as it is a neutral grey colour.


  • Very supportive
  • Nonslip bottom
  • Soft, removable cover
  • Neutral grey colour


  • Must be washed on gentle cycle

HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Dog Bed

This bolster bed is reversible, with a soft, warm side for colder months and a smooth side for warmer months. It is warm and cosy, with lots of deep padding to snuggle up to.

The raised edges can provide extra comfort if leaned on or used as a headrest.

It is easy to clean this bed by putting the whole thing in the washing machine, but you cannot take the cover off.

You can choose from many different colours to suit your home and a cute dog paw design means your dachshund’s safe space is marked just for them.

There is also the option to add an orthopaedic insert if you want, for dachshunds who are senior or in poor health.


  • Reversible
  • Deep
  • Raised sides
  • Option for orthopaedic insert


  • Can’t remove the cover

Best Pet Supplies Soft Tent Bed

This quirky design provides all-round comfort with a padded floor, walls and roof. The removable cushion leaves gaps to nuzzle into so this might be the perfect bed for a miniature dachshund who loves to burrow.

The non-slip base holds the bed in one place so they can jump in at full speed without disrupting your home.

You can buy this bed in corduroy, linen or faux suede and a range of colours (including a plaid design!) Whether you want a neutral or distinctive bed for your dachshund, there will be a design that fits.

The whole bed can be put in the washing machine but is quite small so probably won’t suit a bigger dachshund.


  • Quirky design
  • All-round comfort
  • Good for burrowing


  • Small for standard dachshunds

AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed

This warming bed does not require electricity but uses self-warming materials to reflect the dog’s body heat back onto them. The self-warming technology uses the same concept as mylar blankets and is covered by a soft fleece for added comfort.

This bed comes in a donut or bolster shape, so can suit dachshunds who like to curl and stretch.

The grey and cream colour theme will complement many interiors, so this bed might suit a stylish owner.

The bed is durable but should not be machine washed so is not for those accident-prone dachshunds.


  • Self-warming
  • Electricity free
  • Durable


  • Difficult to wash

Best Friends by Sheri

This super cosy donut bed might suit a dachshund who loves to curl up tight. The faux fur attempts to replicate a mother’s fur coat to promote a good night’s sleep.

This bed features deep edges to allow for burrowing and raised edges to lean against.

The stylish neutral design means that this might be a good choice if you want a bed that fits with your home décor.

The water and dirt resistant bottom helps to protect your floor and the whole thing can be put in the washing machine. This bed needs to be washed on a low heat so might not work as well for an accident-prone pup. It also does not suit homes without a dryer as the faux fur must be dried in a machine.

The soft material of this bed comes at a cost, this bed is not very durable so will not suit excessive chewers or diggers. It also does not provide much support for injured or older dachshunds.


  • Comfortable
  • Deep edges for burrowing
  • Dirt/water-resistant bottom


  • Must be washed on a low heat
  • Not very durable
  • Not a very supportive mattress

The best bed for dachshunds – Our top choice

Our absolute favourite is the BarksBar Gray Orthopaedic Dog Bed. Do not be put off if your dachshund is in perfect health! The supportive material is good for all dogs and might even help prevent joint problems when they are older. The bed is big enough that your dachshund can stretch out and cosy enough for curling against the side.

Whether your dachshund sleeps in your bed or theirs, it is important to provide them with their own. You should consider your dachshund’s personal needs such as age and mobility, and choose the most comfortable, easy to use bed to suit them.

Add a cushion or some blankets in the middle of your dachshund’s bed to allow for burrowing, and if they go to it to relax, you can assume they love it!

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